Friday, 12 June 2015

Bournemouth, Weymouth and Swanage


Strolling along the sun-licked promenade of Bournemouth beach it’s easy to get lost in the majesty of a glorious summer day – but what more do you need to know about Bournemouth beachfront?

Bournemouth’s coastline, in the natural beauty of Dorset, is the focal point of a Victorian obsession with the “Great British summer“. From 1889 and onwards tourists have flocked to Bournemouth which is entwined with a history which can bamboozle and wow.

Put away your bucket and spade and stop digging, we have the Top Ten need-to-know facts:

1 – The Beach Polo Championship 2013 will be held at Sandbanks on the beachfront, in high-intensity equine action on Bournemouth sands.

2 – Beach Hut #2359 is the oldest hut, dating back to 1909.

3 – Of the 2000 (approx.) huts on Bournemouth sands 70% of them are privately owned.

4 – The first house in Bournemouth was built in 1810 by a man named Tregonwell, who was persuaded to settle here by his wife’s love of the Bournemouth coast.

5 – The first local train station was Boscombe in 1897, and kick-started Bournemouth’s beach tourism trade.

6 – The population of Bournemouth in 1901 was 51,000 – the council puts the current figure at 183,500.

7 – The tourism traffic each year, however, is thought to stand at 4.7 million people

8 – Electric trams ran through the town centre during the early 20th century, funnelling tourists about the town.

9 – 16th August 1947 saw the highest record temperature in Bournemouth of 33.9°C

10 – Poole Harbour is the second largest natural harbour in the world, the largest is Sydney.






The day we visited Weymouth beach was supposed to be one of the hottest of our journey, but sadly turned out to be cloudy, so we had to enjoy the sun in between the clouds.
Weymouth beach itself was clean, tractor clears the beach every morning, very soft to the right gradually changing to pebbles, very shallow and crystal clear water and there are lots food and beverage stands along the front and also the usual seaside attractions - donkeys, funfair etc...