Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Ego

Human factors….the ego…
There are always the confusion surrounding the concept and use of mental models from the viewpoints of both human factors and psychology. The ways in which the notion is conceived according to the needs and approaches of different specialties and the relationships of mental models to other forms of knowledge representation are complicated.
The world is beginning to understand that single personality is a life force, a power, a consciousness, and a dimension of existence in which all life is interconnected. It is alive within each of us, and also present throughout nature. It is so much a part of our personal lives that we can easily miss it, unless we catch a glimpse in a special moment; grand moments like a concert where everyone sways and moves to the rhythm of shared the planet Earth and simple moments like the blissful peace of a beautiful sunset shared with a loved one. For it is in such moments that we share feelings without regard for status, gender, race, religion, or any of the other illusions of the ego that separate us.
It is not at all surprising that this massive understanding or - awakening process is creating tumultuous times on Earth. As many people are awakening and therefore striving to transcend ego driven behaviours, many more are responding to the changes with fear, anger, denial and bewilderment; all defence mechanisms used by the ego to protect its self against unknown dangers. Yet, to awaken will require facing the truth of what our ego has done; a truth that includes wasting and polluting resources, dangerous diseases, extinguishing whole species, and causing unspeakable pain and suffering to our fellow human beings.
Hilary Hart wrote: “this isn’t a futuristic utopia we’re considering. We might recount some compelling myths, but we’re not talking about a fairy tale. Increased awareness of Oneness doesn’t mean an end to pain or suffering and it’s not an elixir for personal happiness. After all, working with oneness requires us to face the truth of where we’ve been and where we’re going, and take responsibility for our choices that shape the future. But it does bring a lot with it – mystery, meaning, and the hidden powers of unity, and of course cooperation and peace.”