Friday, 4 September 2015

Liverpool Echo - Revealed: Bid launched for giant Liver Bird landmark to 'nestle' in the Mersey

100m tall structure would 'rival Statue of Liberty'




These incredible artist impressions reveal how a giant 23-storey Liver Bird could nestle on the River Mersey - if an architect’s ambitious plans come to fruition.
Architect David Backhouse, who was involved in designing The Cavern Walks arcade in Mathew Street, believes the 100m tall building would give Liverpool an attraction to rival New York’s Statue of Liberty.
Unveiling the plans for the would-be landmark, which he said would use solar panels and turbines to be totally self-sufficient, he is now looking for investors to back the project.
Mr Backhouse said he first thought of the idea, which he estimates could cost up to £250m, around 30 years ago and has spent the last decade refining, planning and costing the structure.
The building, called ‘Homecoming, Statue of Liverpool’, would house an atrium on every floor and accommodate uses ranging from a luxury hotel and apartment complex to specialised shopping outlets and creative spaces.

A split-level restaurant would be located behind the Liver Bird’s eyes, offering a panoramic view of Liverpool and projects being considered for the building include a genealogy museum linked to New York’s Ellis Island.
Mr Backhouse, who also worked on the Cavern Club and is leading the project with site engineer Peter Foo and Gary Morris, said: “This is the culmination of an idea we had nearly 30 years ago now. The concept has never been far from my thoughts throughout my years of working on many prestigious Liverpool-based projects.
“I’m so pleased now to finally present the idea to both the city and the world.”
The team behind the project say they have consulted tidal experts and engineers in a bid to make the statue totally self sufficient, with power to be provided through wind turbines within the ‘wings’ of the structure and tidal turbines underneath the 100m diameter nest the Liver Bird would sit in.
Solar panels would also be used on the structure. Its positioning has been drawn up based on advice from river pilot John Curry.
Looking for investors to back the project, which would sit in the Mersey near the city centre, the design team said they want to “help create something for the city that will be a source of pride” and that “will symbolise the tradition of the city but more importantly the essence of the new Liverpool in the 21st century, exciting and self-sustaining”.

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