Sunday, 30 August 2015

weston-super-'nightmare' and banksy dismaland

My husband and myself wanted to see this notorious resort - Weston-super-Mare and Banksy' Dismaland.
Neither of us have ever been to the west side of the country so we just booked a train from Liverpool and our adventures begin!
This turned out to be a very touching and poignant journey, with an unexpected pathos, while at the same time - dark, disturbing, rubbish and not exactly fun, location for our short holiday.

Friday, 28 Aug.

Millions hit the roads for a soggy Bank Holiday weekend - the perfect finish to a wash-out summer that's been colder AND wetter than average

Friday, 28Aug, Bank Holiday(!) - 8pm....

an empty...gloomy town...

We hadn't even got inside Dismaland, but Banksy was already messing with our heads - all those dystopian hell of Banksy's imagination and empty, gloomy and weird town - Weston-super-Mare. 

We couldn't get an online ticket to get into the exhibition...
So...we came without tickets and were being told to: 'No chance, go back home!' - by a man outside Dismaland' ticket office, we smiled and didn't believe him, no one there knew quite sure - what was real there, what was meant, -- we were already - 'bemused' !!

to be continued