Saturday, 16 June 2012



Yellow Love Installation

I placed my sweetly demure figures amidst scenes of yellow textile, intertwining themes of femininity, madness, love and motherhood.

The process creating an art installation is complicated, confusing and scary, and also hard work, but it turns out to be the best way to show my real feelings. 
Art is our common language. 
 It is the glue that holds our civilization together, keeps me and us all - humans - sane.  

Yellow Love 2, features yellow-painted everyday objects placing in a yellow textile environment hanging from the ceiling. The meaning of my new installation is open for interpretation. Too much of life is understood, there is too much meaning and everything experienced appears mechanically interpreted by the stacked index of the mind. Something like nature is supposed to present the antithesis to modern living and the lack of sensation, its entire lack of reason a source of inspiration.

It is fitting, that my installation Yellow Love occurs in closed space. Fitting my aims, far from perpetuating the expectations of fine art, seek instead to undermine the medium’s foundations. I chained myself at the imaginary and alienated world. My world is painted by yellow colour.

Alienation can be a creative force for inclusion.

Freud viewed alienation as the by-product of a cultural divorce between man and his natural impulses. For me, it’s in the gaps between body, soul, mind and life. I alienated myself from real world around me.

Being an artist, creating art becomes for me a way to go deep inside myself and illuminate precisely the stuff I don’t want to tell. 
This stuff usually turns out to be precisely the stuff I want to share only in my art.
Yellow Love becomes a weird way to countenance myself and to tell the truth instead of being a way to escape myself.

Yellow Love - is the story about a surreal and symbolic journey through the sub conscious and dreams in which the world of my fears, desires, dreams, frustrations and pain becomes hidden and  covered by yellow paint – is the basic narrative of it.