Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Everton park, one of the highest points in Liverpool landscape.
From this point opens a great view over the city.
The view of the area around contain fascinating details of the high rise waterfront buildings and it is a pleasant green-grassy, tree lined area perfect for relaxing and contemplating the city.

The Everton Water Tower can be seen for miles of an evening when it is blue lit.
It has been a local landmark for over a hundred years. 


Everton Water Tower - is a very fine Victorian building but it has been secured down, so no real access is available.
It is very interesting and impressive structure and its elevated setting means it can be seen for miles around and also it is an attractive sight after dark, when they turn the floodlighting on the building

At night it is very distinctive with blue lights around the top and the arches illuminated with yellow/white light.
Because it on top of a hill it can be seen for miles, especially at night.