Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Saulius Gudelevičius art

Kurort: Juodkrante 2014-07 Size: 3x7,5m. Permanent colors, Project of city historical event.

City: Visaginas, 2014-08 Size: 2,5x7m. Permament colors. Gift to city before city festival.

City: Jonava, 2014-08 Size: 3x5m. Permament colors. Gift to city before city festival.

City: Klaipeda, 2013-09 Size: 3x6m. Drawing with soft pastels on The fiber content of wood shavings. In Klaipeda shop center "BIG"

 City: Silute, 2013-08 Size: 2,5x5m. Drawing with soft pastels near school.

 City: Silute, 2013-05 First drawing in my city with chalk with and black. size: 2,5x3m

Place: My Room, 2013-11 Size: 2x3,5m. On the paper with soft pastels, it can be useful on the canvas.
Artist: Saulius Gudelevičius works - City: Vilnius, 2014-10
City: Vilnius, 2014-10 Size: 2,5x4x5m. Permamnet colors on The fiber content from wood. Project for film presentaition "The hunger games 3rd part" In Shop center AKROPOLIS.

hyper realistic pencil drawings