Monday, 11 May 2015

Bonny Cummins

about me: I am a Brighton based Artist and work on location and in my studio. I am inspired by light and architecture and the sea daily and paint .

I use acrylics and oils and canvas and paper and wood, mixed media ,foils, collage and sometimes found objects to create work as well as film ,sound voice and music and sculpture and animation and new media. I often work on location and finish works in the studio.

 "Working on a painting at Albion"


Titanic Hidden Histories 

Titanic Hidden Histories Tour
Artist's Personal Connection
Bonny Cummins Titanic installation is inspired by her friendship with Millvina Dean the last survivor of Titanic sadly deceased 31/5/2009. Milivina died on the date that Titanic was launched 100 years previously. Bonny met Millivina through Vincent Keaney, who had fulfilled a  dream and refurbished the White Star Building in Cobh after winning the lotto. He invited Millivina to dig the first turf (see photos) and to open the building when it became The Titanic Bar and Restaurant.He introduced her to Millvina knowng she would love her as did everyone who met her and she did visiting her regularly. Theres family links to Titanic through Bonnys mother a colleague of Eva Hart and whom she followed in the papers regularly once Titanic wreck was found as Eva and Millvina became world famous. Her mothers birthday was 11/4  a poignant commemorative date for the opening of her tour .Her fathers family are from Queenstown and Cobh where the Artist grew up. Bonnys love of liners was fuelled by her frequent trips to visiting liners with Harry Dean customs Officer in Cobh a friend of the family and who got her passes  to go out  and go on board with him to her favourite ships. She would be given a dollar and freedom of the ships and come home with candy and postcards of the magnificent ships to paint. Her father also worked the tenders to the ships for a while .She would  go out with him to the mouth of the harbour,where the Liners moored  in the tender and tie up to the huge liners for the passengers to go on board and be awestruck by the scale and grandeur of the Cunarders in the beautiful setting.



Bonny Cummins: Lusitania 100

From the moment you walk into St George’s Heritage Centre, four iconic Cunard funnels meet you, which function as Zoetrope’s. These interactive works, showcasing animated paintings from the exhibition, feature four original soundscapes composed by musician Flying Dog Walking. Using a map, you are led deeper into the exhibition, through A sound installation ,spanning the majestic internal bridge of St. George’s – transporting you ‘on board’ Lusitania, through to four cabins with themed installations with musical zoetrope’s and atmospheric lightboxes and dramatic paintings telling the story of Lusitania. A rare collection of images will be displayed by kind permission of St Georges Hall of unseen images of Lusitania.There is a room dedicated to community Arts where Art works created with Bonny will be displayed.

This tactile and immersive experience is highly memorable, creating a strong connection for the visitor, to the historic ship as well as the commemorative event.

Bonny Cummins says “ I want to bring an artistic, contemporary experience of Lusitania to Liverpool, for the centenary, full of discoveries - creating exciting and moving journeys for the visitors as the art works are discovered.”

more info:

18 May 2015

Create Skyscapes with Bonny Cummins
St George's Hall
St George's Place,
L1 1JJ
0151 225 6966

Come and help artist Bonny Cummins create a beautiful giant skyscape to remember all those lost on the great ship Lusitania 100 years ago. Create sparkling stars by placing 1198 Swarovski crystals on the big sky canvas, also using acrylic paint and large brushes.
The finished painting will be displayed in Bonny’s Lusitania exhibition at St George’s Hall and participating children will be given a small art pack and certificate.