Saturday, 27 April 2013

london sky

Liverpool Art Prize 2013



About the shortlisted artists:
Julieann O’Malley is an interdisciplinary artist based in Liverpool. Her practice is fundamentally live durational performance installations, video work, sound and photography.
Kevin Hunt is a sculptor based at Liverpool’s The Royal Standard concurrently working on a number of curatorial projects alongside his practice as an artist. He constructs sculpture utilising the found and redundant, reconfiguring these things to expose an inherent beauty, playfully tampering with the poetics of found form.
Laurence Payot infiltrates our everyday to create short-circuits and challenge our pre-conceived perceptions. From interventions and sculptures in the public realm, to larger collective performances, she generously invites the viewers to become active participants, blurring the line between the work and its audience. Laurence has been based at The Royal Standard for the last 8 years, and is originally from Metz, France.
Tabitha Moses lives in Liverpool and is based at Bridewell Studios. Her work concerns the tangible expression of human experience. Her subjects include murder, bodies, skin and Blackpool.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The sphinxes

The Embankment is a wide footpath which follows the Thames river from the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge.   This sphinx is one of a pair which stand fairly near Parliament, and between them stands "Cleopatra's Needle".   

The sphinxes are recent castings and Cleopatra's Needle doesn't really have anything to do with the Egyptian Queen of the same name, however it is a genuine Egyptian obelisk dating from the reign of Thutmoses III around 1450BC.   It was one of a pair found in Heliopolis and given to the British as a gift in 1819 by the Egyptian ruler Mohammed Ali, but they refused to pay for it to be transported until 1877.   The pontoon it was on capsized during a storm off France and six people died, but it remained floating and it was eventually towed to London.  The other obelisk of the pair is in Central Park in New York city.   

The damage you can see on this sphinx's pedestal was caused by a bomb during the first world war.   This happened on September 4 1917, during the first raid made by German planes against London.   There's similar damage from world war two preserved on the walls of the Victoria and Albert museum.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Erwin Wurm

 Artist: Erwin Wurm


 is it ART?

It is.

image source:

There was at the Jack Hanley Gallery in NYC, and it featured a myriad of gherkins.
Yes - zee pickles.

A haunting, upright, righteous horde of 26 of them, titled - 'Selbstporträt als Gurken'.






In our daily life, we use our language and words without thinking about. But here the etymology of the vegetables:

The word “cucumber” goes back on the Latin word “cucumis”. The Today’s word has been developed from the genitive form “cucumer” over the old French “cocombre” (modern French: “concombre”) to “cucumber”.

The word “gherkin” goes back to the Greek word angurion for “immature”, because the gherkins were harvested unripe.