Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Victoria Gallery and Museum

Today was a wonderful day and study lesson in the Victoria Gallery and Museum!
There are brilliant collection of art and amazing Astrid Kirchherr photography exhibition!
After lesson at 2 o’clock we went to see movie “A Hard Day’s Night”.
It was absolutely heartbreaking because ladies around cried during the film...I did myself inspired by them...
It is understandable...Beatles are their memories of happy years when they were young.

My husband and I went to the VGM to see movie A Hard Day's Night with HIGH EXPECTATIONS and were hit with the ATOMIC BLAST of BEATLEMANIA and heartbreaking nostalgia of older people, people of a generation in the sixties.
 A Hard Day's Night was released fifty years ago as the Beatles' first feature film.
I think no band, has EVER equalled that FEELING. It made everyday life MORE EXCITING. I feel it now; I feel it every time I hear a tune from this movie. This movie makes me wish I lived in Britain in the 60s.
 As I sat there for two hours I realized how overwhelmingly times have changed.
 The message of A Hard Day's Night is amazingly na├»ve, cheerful and optimistic. The Beatles themselves were clean-cut, wholesome, happy, optimistic "lads." A theme in the movie is the indissoluble nature of friendship. And there is a good-natured thumbing of their noses at the conventions of society.

I think people of a generation in the sixties really thought that they could make a difference in the world and could turn things around.

All they needed was a little - "peace, love, and understanding."
But nowadays when we look around at the world we live in, we see things getting worse and worse. In my opinion.
Reading or watching the news every day, I realized that the overwhelming effect it created was fear triggered by economic uncertainty-down-turns, recessions, job lay-offs, war in Iraq, crime and so forth.
No expectation of better life but fear of it can be even worse.
Maybe I am wrong…and only depressed.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Bold Street Festival and Street Art

I voted for this painting. It was competition there.

Bold Street Festival and Street Art

I think this was amazing event for a city and for people! For me it makes me feel happy - festivals like that! Street art is very important for society I think. How exiting and inspired were artists! This is not permanent art and existed only for short time but anyway artists made it with the soul and a great desire.
Absolutely stunning!

Bold Street Festival and Street Art

Bold Street Festival and Street Art

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Antti Laitinen

Antti Laitinen works across idioms of performance, video and photography in a collective mission to stage mythologies and erase the boundary between success and failure through a trajectory of personal endurance and almost delusional imagination. Laitinen takes us beyond the normal realms of the world into a new reality at once both innocent and yet haunted by the knowledge of our contemporary ecological crisis. He encapsulates an artistic vision that explores the imperfect resolution of the world when faced with the sublime limits of our imagination. He says of his work: “It is more important to struggle for your dreams than succeeding in them.”(
Antti Laitinen is the Finnish artist to have his artwork on display at the A Foundation.
 The exhibition features Antti’s art – photography, installation and video - looking at varied and provocative responses to the theme of climate change.
 Antti Laitinen himself does not consider climate change to be the main issue in his works. “Climate change is not the main thing, but people have started to look at my work through this theme. I understand this well since climate change is currently a trendy topic”, Laitinen says.

I wonder how he manages to lived alone without internet?
I think his art and achievement are wonderful! He wants to be close to nature and it is very wise. I love Mother Nature as well! But I can imagine my life without internet and warm bath...
He makes me be envy.
I am not as brave as him. 

The Grand Central

If you love distinctive threads but don't have the budget for Vivienne Westwood, it's worth making a trip to Grand Central.

An ornate and characterful old building on Renshaw Street, it's packed with literally dozens of different vintage, secondhand and independent clothes boutiques. Some are lavishly decorated and include characterful dressing rooms and eccentric owners whilst others are more basic / no-frills store-fronts with a till and a few display units.

Most of the stores from Venus In Furs, Somewhere In Time and Curious Orange to Total Recall, Preserved and Hepibazaar are reasonably priced and usually have some great items hidden amongst the racks. There's also a few jewellery and accessory stalls, a dressmakers, a seamstress and a record shop.

Grand Central kind of looks what it sounds like - it resembles a Victorian railway station, at least the entrance. I had no idea what I could expect when I entered the building out of sheer curiosity. A sign just behind the entrance read "50 shops" - and I was thrilled! This building and it's weird atmosphere could only be home to really cool shops...
Well, so it is. On three floors, the weirdest stuff ranging from bowler hats to "Punk is not dead" shirts, from handbags consisting only of zippers (yup!) to feather boas, from 60's style flower dresses to second-hand bow-ties, is sold. You can get nearly everything here that is either useless or stylish or both. In several of the shops, the owners sew and tailor themselves so all products are unique. Others seem to be closed most time of the day but the owner is just next door for a chat and will pop up next to you if you get lost in thoughts how cool that weird hat just over there would look on your head at the next motto party... There are shopkeepers who smell like they smoked a joint a minute ago and others who are busy sewing little trousers that will make your toddler look like a clown. And in the middle of all of it, there's the coolest rasta I've ever met. Don't miss his shop (it's the one with the giant variety of crazy hats and scarfs on the lowest level called "Hatz B4U Asssk")!