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2014 Sea Odyssey

Liverpool Giants 2014: Other Giants from around the world 




Born in Paris in 1955, Jean-Luc Courcoult ventured into the artistic world at the age of 11 through photography. Being of a taciturn and introverted nature, the creation of images becomes for him a real means of communication and expression. It is at the age of 14 that he discovered a taste for theater. He enrolls in courses offered by his secondary school’s theatre department. His first steps on stage, as a shy teenager, are a revelation to him allowing him to be master of his emotions. He quickly decides to make a living from it..
At the age of 18, Jean-Luc Courcoult leaves his family to enroll in the Actors Training Institute Leaders of the Faculty of Arts in Aix-en-Provence. Having very little interest in the theoretical side, he runs parallel theatre practice workshops at the Theatre Centre, led by Jean Digne. It is here that he meets Didier Gallot-Lavallée and Véronique Loève with whom he decides to start constructing a show for the street, in the dynamics of the event "Aix, a city open to acrobats and street entertainers." Convinced that it is easier to reach the audience by going out to play, the small group performs their first production - Cape Horn - in the villages and parks. It is through this desire to be part of the urban landscape and to reach out to the audience that the trio creates the company Royal de Luxe in 1979. From the earliest productions, like The Mysteries of the large freezer (1980) or the Bidet Heart (1981), Jean-Luc Courcoult displays his desire to turn everyday objects into the heroes of marvelous and extraordinary worlds.
In 1984, Jean-Luc Courcoult abandons the role of actor to concentrate solely on that of director. He likes to give the tone, the pulse. Despite fitting in well with the militant movement of the post-May 68 years, Jean-Luc Courcoult refuses to don the costume of the revolutionary artist, preferring to define himself

as an "artisan", a "worker of the theater" condemned to adapt "in order to reach, to lift people's hearts." Above all, he wishes to create stories that bring a new dimension to reality, creating emotion and poetry where you least expect it.
Traveling the globe, from Nantes to Morocco, Cameroon to China, New Zealand to Mexico ... Jean-Luc Courcoult transforms towns and villages into huge theater spaces. In this way, with the saga of the Giants, currently on tour, Jean-Luc Courcoult continues to introduce the world to his magical kingdom through monumental creations staged in the heart of Cities. Constantly challenging theatrical traditions, Jean-Luc Courcoult is constantly offering audiences opportunities to dream of a world where anything is possible.



Photo by Gavin TraffordSea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in Liverpool. Giants leave Liverpool on a boat.

Photo by Gavin TraffordSea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in Liverpool. Uncle arrives at Chinese Arch.

Photo by Gavin TraffordSea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in Liverpool. The Giants leave Liverpool on a Boat.

 Pic Colin LaneSea Odyssey on Sunday..Giant uncle Diver looks back at the former White Star Offices Albion house

Photo by Gavin TraffordSea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in Liverpool. Uncle walks through China Town Nelson Street

Pic Colin LaneSea Odyssey...Smile for Giant dog Xolo goes to sleep in Kings Dock on Friday night

Photo by Gavin TraffordSea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in Liverpool. Uncle and Little Girls and Xolo meet at Kings Dock

Pic Andrew Teebay. Story Newsdesk. The Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular....... The 30ft Little Girl Giant walking past Liverpool FC,s Anfield Stadium Kop.

Photo by Gavin TraffordSea Odyssey Giant Spectacular in Liverpool. Uncle and Little Girls and Xolo meet at Kings Dock

Pic Colin LaneSea Odyssey...Little Girl Giant goes to bed in Kings Dock as sunsets against Anglican cathedral



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This hand-built castle is in.. Ohio?

At the bottom of a long winding road in Symm's Township, you'll find the Loveland Castle, a Medieval-style castle that was built by Harry Delos Andrews over the course of 50 years with nothing but hard work, his own two hands, and milk cartons.

The massive structure is so impressive that it's hard to believe anyone could have literally built it by creating each and every brick themselves. Construction on the castle began in 1929, on the shore of the Little Miami River in Ohio, on land donated to Harry courtesy of two fully paid Cincinnati Enquirer subscriptions. Initially the land was a getaway for weekend camping adventures with his Boy Scout Troupe, but It was during that time that Harry dreamed up the idea of building his own castle.

The castle started off as two stone forts used in place of tents. Little did anyone realize that these two meager constructions were the starting point for what has since become the Chateau Laroche.

In the early stages, the castle was made from stones pulled by hand from the river bank, but once Harry had depleted his natural resources, he began making his own stones by pouring concrete into cardboard milk containers.

Harry died in 1981 and willed his amazing handmade castle to the Boy Scouts. Since then it's gone through quite a few renovations, and many believe Harry's spirt is still hanging around keeping an eye on things. In fact, a majority of the paranormal incidents at the castle have been witnessed first-hand by the Chateau's very own volunteer "knights", people who contribute countless hours at the castle, keeping its fires lit and performing routine maintenance.

Harry's death, despite being the age of 91, has also contributed to the ghost stories told within the castle's walls. While burning trash on the roof of the castle one afternoon, Harry caught fire and died. Since then, Sir Harry has been spotted walking across the roof of the castle, as well s hanging out in the main dining hall on the second floor.

Of course, Harry is not the only spirit rumored to haunt the castle. Three different ghosts are said to hang around the Loveland grounds. One of the ghosts is a woman often spotted walking the castle garden at night. Another of the property's famous spirits is nicknamed "The Viking" for his long dark robe and horned helmet.

One of the most famous stories about the Loveland Castle ghosts involves a girl who insisted on mocking the castle's spirits during her visit. She described being electrocuted by an unseen jolt of electricity that ran through her body from an unknown source, and fled the castle vowing to never return.


today - 26 June 2014

Liverpool’s Street Art Festival


MARK-IT presents Liverpool’s first Street Art Festival, bringing you the best of local, national and international Street Art.
MARK-IT will turn the streets of the Baltic Triangle into an outdoor gallery filled with all sorts of delights : giant paper animals meandering through the streets, elevated bicycles of concrete and iron, splashes of animated gloriousness, corridors of woolly colour, dancers in shadow and tiny performers singing songs of love and loss in the cracks and crannies of our metropolis.
Investigate the world of the Hidden City this June and see the streets as never before!
Part of the Cultural Programme underpinning the International Festival for Business (IFB) 2014.


Louise Dorman

About Me

Hello and welcome to my online Gallery, the Photograph's of my work are in essence a circle of life in the sense that the majority of my work starts as photography, capturing every day activities that most of us take for granted like “hanging out the washing” or “walking the dog” I then use these images to create my own unique and exciting textile works. I use different textiles some bought and some home made, sequin's & Buttons, thread and wool along with free hand sewing to create these special works.

Some of the works displayed are commissioned and as such cannot be re-produced, but most can although due to this unique style each will be made a little different and never mass produced. Alongside my textile pictures you will see I also produce beautiful box's, trinkets, bag's and broaches again there are many different colours and style's to choose from, and again you can commission your own choice to make the perfect gift.

Another of my favourites are the booties and shoes, making the perfect gift for a baby or keepsake.

Other commission's to date also include cushion covers and wall hangings again these can be made to your own specification using almost any textile and finish.

Every year I try something new and last year I made a series of textile Christmas cards and decorations, commissions are always welcome, so please drop me an email to start the ball rolling I am happy to send my work anywhere in the world so please ask about postage and packaging when emailing, alternatively please feel free to visit me at the Caribou Gallery Studio in Ambleside, Cumbria.

2010 Has been a special year for me with some significant recognition for my work and some amazing show's and exhibitions. This year "Hanging out the washing" won best in show, and two commisions also won awards. So keep an eye on the press for forth coming exhibitions.

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