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Those beautiful pictures  are posted without attribution. If you happen to know who the artists are (or if you are the artist!) let me know so I can credit you properly. I believe artists deserve to have their names displayed, and backlinks to their websites.


Deidre Wicks

Deidre Wicks
Since Deidre’s watercolors got me right where I live, I had to find out more about her work. A fashion design major from Toronto, Canada, Deidre was unhappily working as a pattern drafter when she decided to follow her passion for illustration.

She’s an ardent animal lover living with two dogs and two cats who happily keep her company and provide endless inspiration for her drawings. I love the blend of realistic animals + whimsy + humor. Each of her paintings tells a story and you just can’t help but smile when you see them.

Inspirations and influences:

Well I’ve always loved Tasha Tudor and Sara Midda. I love illustration in general, more so than fine art if I’m honest, so I’m constantly being inspired by great illustration of all types. Oh and I really love Canadian cartoonist Seth.

Three significant milestones in your career:

#1: Opening my store on Etsy in April 2010. Before that I’d never sold my work so I had no idea if anyone would even buy my paintings. It was terrifying!

#2: Showing my work at the One of a Kind Christmas Show last November. This was the first time I actually met and talked to my customers in person. It was a great experience.

#3: Finishing my very first set of illustrations for a children’s book. A steep learning curve but now I’m hooked on the process.

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Alan Lee

Alan Lee was born in 1947, (which makes him a year younger than I am), in Middlesex, England. He studied at the Ealing School of Art. He moved to Dartmoor in 1975. When Faeries (image at left), which he illustrated with studio mate Brian Froud, burst upon the scene in 1978, the dust wrapper notes that he had "painted dozens of cover illustrations for imaginative fiction." Most of his work prior to 1978 had been in publishing and commercial art, not illustration. One indication of this is that I have only been able to scour up two instances of his work from 1976 and nothing earlier.

At a time when reverence for the illustrators of the Golden Age was uncommon, Lee crafted his style from a mixture of 50 and 60 year old influences. The works of Arthur Rackham and Charles Robinson played important roles in his studies and direction. Like these artists, Lee's medium was watercolor in a classically romantic style. Lee's lack of a black bounding line for his images puts some in mind of Edmund Dulac, another artist from the turn-of-the-century with whom he is compared.

Alan Lee - Once Upon a TimeIn the 1976 David Larkin book, Once Upon a Time - Some Contemporary Illustrators of Fantasy, (image at right), it's very evident just how far out of step with the times he was. With the exception of Froud, none of the 14 other artists in the book grew out of the Romantic tradition of children's illustration that editor Larkin compares them to on the back of the book. But then, Larkin chose Lee and Froud for the cover positions, so we know where his sympathies lay. Plus Larkin had been reviving interest in those earlier masters with a series of books devoted to them, starting with The Fantastic Kingdom in 1974.


Preview: illustrators #7 featuring Alan Lee, Bernie Fuchs, John Vernon Lord... and me!

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By guest author Peter Richardson.

Working on a publication like illustrators is a dream job. Yes, there is a hell of a lot of work that goes into each issue, the bulk of which is never seen by our readers, but the subject matter and the enthusiasm it generates is the primary dynamic which keeps us going.

Rima Staines

Rima Staines is an artist using paint, wood, word, music, animation, clock-making, puppetry & story to attempt to build a gate through the hedge that grows along the boundary between this world & that. Her gate-building has been a lifelong pursuit, & she hopes to have perhaps propped aside even one spiked loop of bramble (leaving a chink just big enough for a mud-kneeling, trusting eye to glimpse the beauty there beyond), before she goes through herself.

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Danita amazing art

The Bunny Bug 







This is the current state of my studio. I've got the bunny bug.


It all started with her. My daughter have been having nightmares and trouble falling asleep and I made this little doll for her to keep her company at night. Then I realized something. She needed ears. Bunny ears, that is.

So I took out my fabric, my sewing machine and sewing supplies and got to work.

I made one and I got hoked.  
Then I made more.
This process is very addictive. All the textures, the fabrics, the colors, the buttons just call for a never ending process and an infinite array of possibility. 
I got to finish one. It was 2:00 am in the morning. The others went to sleep quietly. I stayed a bit admiring her.
She's so pretty. But alone. I'll have to finish the others soon. Rabbits multiply quickly and she doesn't like being alone. Once I finished them they will be for adoption. I'll show you more pics soon!