Friday, 19 July 2013




Has science and technology really slammed into a wall?

If it has, then this wall is a purposeful obstruction bricked up by modern day Luddites? No longer the proletariat fearful for loss of jobs, but the oligarch obstructing progress to make concrete and perpetuate the status quo for the sake and requirement of “status”?

Who really profits from artificially creating an economic system and sub-prime market based upon increasing debt, then crashing the system..?

Who is paying the price for global socioeconomic chaos..?

How do you orchestrate the bankruptcy of the welfare state - globally?

With regards to futurists - these folks have their purpose in helping drive the future aspirations and ideals for Humanity. What comes first, the futurist, the sci-fi writer, scientific enquiry or technological innovation?

How Science and Technology Slammed into a Wall and What We Should Do About It

Rick Searle
Utopia or Dystopia

Posted: Mar 31, 2013