Friday, 27 September 2013

study abroad in germany

For students who are not yet 25 years old, their parents can apply for child support. This is a part of state financing system which support livelihood of children’s. Your parent’s do not need to worry a lot about maintaining or irregularly payments as the child benefits are paid as monthly aids. The amount per child from 2010 varies from 184 to 215 euro.
  • Child benefit is a public service that will help to secure the livelihood of children’s.
  • In order to qualify, the only requirement is your parents.
  • For children who are older than 18 years, benefits can be taken only if certain conditions are met.
  • During transitional periods there may be child support. However the period many not last more than four months.
  • Income and Earning Limits: Since 2012, there are no more earning limits as the state has eliminated them. So students who are going for their first degree are no longer checked for their income. Anyone who studies can ask for child support if he is working less than 20 hours per week.
  • Amount of Benefits: sine 2010 the amount of children benefit varies from 184 Euros per month to 215 euro per month.



The UK doesn't want its foreign students – Germany does. So why do they keep coming here?