Sunday, 9 September 2012

arty oslo

The first thing you notice about Norway is how beautiful it is.
 I mean, really beautiful!
Everywhere you look there is another gorgeous, stunning, striking vista.
Turn around, and there is another one behind you. After a while, you can hardly take it in anymore.
Our brain starts to filter out the beautiful landscapes becausem we just couldn’t get anything else done if we gave them your full appreciation.

 We were warned to bring warm and waterproof clothing and footwear.
The expected weather was cold and wet. We were in for a happy surprise. The weather was beautiful, almost perfect. Warm and sunny on every day but one. What a luck!

Blå - is an arty nightclub and community in Oslo in a friendly enviroment right next to the river Akerselva.

The old factory-style area which is heavily decorated by grafitti and art installations houses an array of creative spots such as Strykejernet Art School, Brenneriet Gallery, which hosts a lot of art exhibitions made by the student of Strykejernet art school.
Blå, Hausmania - is a previously occupied houses with a lot of culture and art history.

From downtown Oslo it’s a short walk, about 10 minutes. You can basicly follow Møllergata up to Hausmania and from Hausmania it’s a short downhill road to Blå.

If you’re walking down the street towards Blå following a wall of continuous grafitti.
The sun was shining and we were enterpeting stories that many artists are communicating through their art.
The stories don't ends at the corner and only to unravel an epicenter of art crowned by a beautiful light crown in the middle. The old factory walls are covered with grafitti and paintings. The stairs to the right follows up to the art school and Brenneriet Gallery.

Chateau Apartments
Nedre Gate 8, Oslo when we stayed - near river Akerselva and Strykejernet Art School.
Incredible location to visit the major Oslo attractions!!
The rooms are very nice, clean and the bathroom is great!

images taken from Chateau Apartment' window:

river Akerselva

Hausmania Culture House

Hausmania is one of the few self-governed culture houses in Oslo.

The purpose of Hausmania is to offer cheep studios for artists and musicians, to create a place of refuge where one can create art undisturbed by commercial interests, and to inspire and cooperate on different fields.

Hausmania has about 20 practice rooms for bands, about 40 art studios for painters, designers, jewellery-makers and writers.
The house also has three galleries, four theatre groups, MC club, skateboard hall, craft workshop, internet café, book café, library, a cinema and meeting rooms for rent.


  don't remember the name of an artist

very lovely small art gallery in Oslo



  Oslo’s History is peppered with Royal characters beginning in 1048 when King Harald Hardråde founded Oslo and settled in the area.