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Meet Lammily

Meet Lammily, The New Barbie With A Realistic Body Shape And Marks

We all know that the images of beauty portrayed around us are full of falsities. We're bombarded with these image of ideal beauty that are totally unattainable. The worst part is that our children seem to get the brunt of it. From Disney to Barbie, unrealistic expectations about what women look like are all around. The good news is that people are starting to say enough is enough, showing what average bodies look like and demonstrating that they can be beautiful, too. Nickolay Lamm created Lammily, the "normal Barbie", who has the average body shape of a 19-year-old, to show kids what realistic and healthy beauty looks like. 

Meet Lammily, the "Normal Barbie."




She's not the shape that you're used to...

It's incredible to see the comparison side by side. Is Barbie really the standard of beauty that we want our children to see? Or would we prefer to give them a doll with actual healthy proportions?

But she's showing us that beauty is all-encompassing



This new body shape is refreshing and has been a long time coming. People have been appalled by Barbie's proportions for years, and many have gone to great lengths to show just how unattainable and unrealistic that look actually is.

This woman used Photoshop to show what she would look like in Barbie's shape. Can you imagine the back problems from her chest? Yikes. 

This girl did a project on eating disorders and made a life-sized version of Barbie with the proper proportions. Shocking, isn't it?




Seriously...she would topple over.





I think this says it perfectly. "If Barbie was real..."




Lammily, the "average Barbie," also comes with other realistic standards of beauty, like marks! Our bodies are not perfect and have all kinds of marks and bumps...and the "average Barbie" can too!

She comes with pimples...














Stitches on a scar...(because this Barbie is tough and not afraid to get hurt)






Bruises happen too, because she's not afraid of a little fun...






Cellulite makes her more like real women...






And she can even have adorable freckles...







Nickolay Lamm has plans to make more dolls. He wants to include all kinds of shapes and diversities for the next dolls. What do you think; would you buy one for a kid in your life?
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