Thursday, 20 November 2014

Notre Dame, Mount Pleasant buildings and garden

Liverpool 1900s Postcard - Notre Dame, Mount Pleasant - The College and Convent





Mt Pleasant  
Training College 1904 
In 1853, two years after the Sisters had arrived in Liverpool, the subject of opening a teacher training 
college for Catholic women was raised with the 
superior of Mount Pleasant by the government 
inspector of schools, Mr Stokes. It was March 1855 
before Mr Allies, the secretary of the Catholic Poor 
School Committee, was deputed to visit Namur and 
request the acceptance of the direction of a training 
college assisted from funds of the committee. A correspondence was entered into as a result of the visit and the M√®re General offered the Liverpool house as the place where the training college would be started. 
In October 1855 the first Sisters who were to take the government examination began their studies. Sister Mary of St Philip (Frances Mary Lescher) came from Namur to begin the college. On 19th January 1856 21 Queen’s scholars entered as the first students of the Liverpool training college. One private student joined them. After just a few months it was necessary to provide additional accommodation. Plans were designed by Hansom and the new house was built to accommodate 60 students and was ready to be inhabited by the end of 1856 and was completely finished by February 1857 when about 36 students entered as pupils. 
 Sister Mary of St Philip, first Principal of Mt Pleasant, with a group of students 1884