Sunday, 11 March 2012

he is bloody hilarious!

how i found him?
thanks Jonathan Jones!

I am Damien Hirst. I am an unknown non-profit artist from Slovenia. I am doing art by doing art. My art glorifies the futileness of being an artist. It's a parody of the belief in nothing. My purpose is to demystify everything that was mystified in the name of art. Art is a religion and I am an atheist. My goal is the appropriation of art as an intellectual interpretation to reverse the process of applying artistic value to objects and concepts. I am not just doing art but I am doing art by doing art and by doing so I am basically undoing art. I am undoing art by simulating the process of being an artist doing art but without applying any value (not even in money) to it. The art I produce as an artist means nothing and costs nothing yet is done in the same way a "meaningful" and expensive work of art is done. I am Damien Hirst and I am artistic.

 My mission is to decrease the value of art expressed in money and increase the value of art expressed in the true love for it. I want art to be cheap but loved and admired. I want art to stop being exclusive and start being for everyone. I want art to belong to those who can see beauty in it and not those who can afford to buy it. I want art to make a difference. I want art to be fake, meaningless and cheap. Because only in this way one could learn to appreciate art for only one true reason - because it is art. I want our world to get infected by art. I want an art pandemic.