Sunday, 4 March 2012

Julie Arkell

Julie Arkell is one of England's best recognized contemporary folk artists working in papier-mâché and mixed media. It has been said that Julie, "...cannot resist the rejected debris of everyday life.  She especially favours discarded toys for inspiration and printed textiles”.

Her work is fresh and fun. It employs domestic craft techniques, but in Julie's own distinctly personal and sophisticated way. Julie does everything by hand in her London studio using no machines! She manipulates and paints her paper-Mache figures, stuffing bodies and embroidering "clothes". She trims her creations in knitted adornments (made with the help of her Mum), curious accessories, ribbons and found objects. The result are her magically appealing "people" -- which are doll-like in their proportions -- her animals, bunnies, and objects.