Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Soleil City Car

Soleil City Car folds into a luggage for trouble free parking

 The two-seater Soleil City Car concept, a collaboration project between designer Caghan Engin Cesmeci and Emre Gurel, aims at providing a space efficient transport option for historical cities with narrow streets. Since it would be virtually impossible to widen the streets in neighborhoods with historic buildings, a city car that makes the best use of the existing space holds a lot of merit. The high tech minimalist vehicles offer users an easy to drive transport option when on road and when no longer in need they can simply be folded into a luggage like bag and stored.

Though the designers have not elaborated how exactly will a foldable vehicle work and how easy would it be to carry it to say, an apartment or a hotel room, but the concept appears to be a step in the right direction when it comes to looking for solutions to traffic congestion and clogged parking spots in older cities.
The electricity-run vehicle boasts of an aerodynamic design that is slick enough to navigate through even the narrowest of city lanes. for maximum protection, a strong yet lightweight material would be used to fashion the frame and the shell of the vehicle itself will be crafted using a rubber-like composite material to allow it to be folded easily. In-wheel motors would allow the vehicle to run engine-less and compact yet super-efficient batteries would be used to power the vehicle.