Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Beatles

October 1958
Ye Cracke Pub
13 Rice Street
Photographer: unknown
(but, based on the other fellows seen in the photos,
I suspect they each took some of these photos)


Ye Cracke Pub was popular with students from the nearby Liverpool Art College, John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe were regulars at Ye Cracke, where they would drink Black Velvets at lunchtime. It was a busy, crowded pub with drinkers standing shoulder to-shoulder, and one day, after a few beers, John Lennon is said to have 'swam' in spilt beer on the floor.

Ye Crack was entwined with John Lennon's personal life, as he came here when he learned his mother, Julia, had been killed and he brought Cynthia here after meeting her at a college dance.

a photo of Stuart Sutcliffe inside Ye Cracke in 1958 (roughly two years before he would become a Beatle). The photo probably was not taken the same day as the rest but who knows. Photographer: Ron Murray