Thursday, 29 January 2015

The grass is always green in Cumbria.


We arrived in the Lake District chased by heavy, dark clouds, rain and the gentle rolling hills and lakes.
The clouds play hide and seek - the sky goes black like at night for a couple of minutes and it drizzles, followed by a couple of minutes of bright sunshine.

There are sheep in the meadow, grazing through the rain and shine.
Our little adventure was a wonderful hike and I we were in a state of trance and delight. It rained throughout the steep walk from Grasmere to a tarn high on a hill and heavy rain clouds gave the whole place an atmosphere of mystery.

We walked along a gushing waterfall, over dark rocks and lichen covered paths, under stunted trees and overhangs. Standing next to the lake and watching the rolling hills radiate out in every direction, we wished we had more days off, to just keep walking, from one hill to another, one tarn to another, one village to another,  one shop to another....