Saturday, 20 June 2015

Alan Fearnley

I was born in 1942 and after art college and several years as a commercial studio illustrator, became a full time self employed artist in 1974. Since then I have been a member of the Guild of  Aviation Artists, awarded the B.A.C. Trophy and Quantas Trophy for aviation paintings, and a member and chairman of the Guild of Railway Artists. I have also exhibited with the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and had a series of one man shows in London and Monaco .

My main source of inspiration for the last twenty -five years however, has been the depiction of classic and racing motor cars and in this field well over 100 of my works have been published as limited edition prints with well over 70,000 examples sold world wide . I am proud that my paintings hang in public ,corporate and private collections throughout the world and three books of my work have been published;- 

"The Railway Paintings of Alan Fearnley"   David & Charles  1987

 " The Classic Car Paintings of Alan Fearnley "  David Porteus Howell Press  2001

 " The Automobile Art of Alan Fearnley "  Porter Press International    2007!biography/c10fk


With his attention to detail in his motor racing paintings as well as his few hisotrical paintings, including Arnhem Bridge which was singed by Major Frost, and his superb classic cricket painting signed by the great Denis Compton - demand for his original paintings and art prints is strong throughout the world.

Alan Fearnley, British painter, is known for his superb paintings of motor racing and Formula One around the world. Fearnley was born in Yorkshire, and studied at Batley College of Art. His early works established Alan as an artist of unique talent and quality. Over the past 30 or so years Alan had built up a wealth of subject matter, starting with landscapes and moving later into his well known transport and motor racing paintings, the work that started to flow reflected not only his special skills, but also his love and passion for both motoring and motor sport.




‘The Summer of 1950′ is one of the most exquisite Jaguar paintings with a wonderful composition almost reminiscent of the great masters of the renaissance. In the foreground the forlorn lady languidly dips a toe into the stream setting the mood in the painting.
The indifferent hubby (presumably) leaning on his XK120 and deep in his newspaper beside the remains of the picnic closes the summer scene.


This remarkable painting of the two TWR XJ220Cs at Le Mans in 1993 is an marvelous example of how Alan Fearnley approaches motor racing.
The focus is tightly on the racing cars with the background spectators and surroundings blurred out, therefore enhancing the riveting foreground motion. Also with the close-up low angle view of the cars almost bulging in front of the viewer, it pulls him into the race.
This painting is now shown in the Jaguar Heritage Museum in Coventry – England.


Jaguar E Type in a bucolic summer scene 'E Type Anniversary' by Alan Fearnley

This painting is an identical rural scene to the XK120, but using as a background a club cricket match on a sunny day with the men watching the game and the ladies talking in the shade.
Alan Fearnley masterfully places the car in the scene without overwhelming it.