Saturday, 13 June 2015


Although many people may not want to admit it, there are still
dangerous high crime in Bournemouth city that make very dangerous for the average citizen to live in.
Many different factors can contribute to making certain city dangerous to live or work in. There can be issues with drug addicts, homeless, armed robberies, lack of police funding, gang related violence and much more that contributes to the lack of safety within city limits.
Those pictures were taking by me from 'roundhouse' hotel window, an yearly morning - robbery and assault at bus stop.


Bournemouth, on balance and relative to many other places in UK, is not so bad, this city has a split personality: it wants to present its self as a clean, sunny and family oriented place with values, but it's sometimes very unfriendly, unwelcoming & very dangerous and a bit rough...

Stay safe and sound!