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Gothic Seduction

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The Gothic Art of Victoria Frances

By: Gerrygirl slf
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Victoria Francés was born on October 25th, 1982. From her early childhood she was fascinated by the beauty of the forest in Galicia, where she spent much of her infancy. After traveling to cities like London and Paris she was hypnotized by the atmosphere there, the same that brought to life legendary masterpieces of Gothic literature. Her illustrations and sketches recall the dreamlike world of Gothic Romanticism.   Influenced by pre-Raphaelite paintings, she chooses subjects that take us to a symbolic, magical and ancient world. All the sufferings of the outcast of this world is shown in dark castles and mansions with flickering lights, with the distinct influence of Goethe, Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire and even Bram Stoker. Gothic Art of Victoria Frances

She attended the San Carlos University, Valencia, Spain where she studied Fine Arts. There she started working as an illustrator while also designing various book covers and other commissioned pieces. Favole, her first illustrated book, is the remembrance of three cities, Verona, Venice and Genoa, and it was the sensation in the 2004 Saló del Còmic in Barcelona, attaining widespread success in all the countries where it has been published. Soon after Favole II & III followed gaining her even more success. Her most recent published work is called El Corazón de Arlene (Arlenes heart) in 2008.   This exceptionally gifted artist and at the same time marvelous illustrator and narrator can expect a successful future ahead of her. Her ability to make readers (who arent even familiar with the gothic art) fascinated with her work is extraordinary. We can expect to see a lot more of Victoria Francés in the future 
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