Friday, 26 September 2014

Deidre Wicks

Deidre Wicks
Since Deidre’s watercolors got me right where I live, I had to find out more about her work. A fashion design major from Toronto, Canada, Deidre was unhappily working as a pattern drafter when she decided to follow her passion for illustration.

She’s an ardent animal lover living with two dogs and two cats who happily keep her company and provide endless inspiration for her drawings. I love the blend of realistic animals + whimsy + humor. Each of her paintings tells a story and you just can’t help but smile when you see them.

Inspirations and influences:

Well I’ve always loved Tasha Tudor and Sara Midda. I love illustration in general, more so than fine art if I’m honest, so I’m constantly being inspired by great illustration of all types. Oh and I really love Canadian cartoonist Seth.

Three significant milestones in your career:

#1: Opening my store on Etsy in April 2010. Before that I’d never sold my work so I had no idea if anyone would even buy my paintings. It was terrifying!

#2: Showing my work at the One of a Kind Christmas Show last November. This was the first time I actually met and talked to my customers in person. It was a great experience.

#3: Finishing my very first set of illustrations for a children’s book. A steep learning curve but now I’m hooked on the process.

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