Monday, 22 September 2014



 'Its a scream' pubs close to the main university campus. Recently renovated and popular student haunt.



An Occasion Hosted by Isabel Lewis

Tuesday 30 September / 7-10pm / Sefton Park Palm House

Considered a celebratory and sensory gathering of things, people, plants, music, dance and smells, the ‘occasion’ - a term coined by Isabel Lewis - is a social meeting place that situates itself somewhere between a bar, a lecture and a salon. The evening will offer a space for relaxation and well-being where all of the senses are engaged, with Lewis’ dramaturgy including speaking, DJing, dancing, and scents by Norwegian chemist and researcher Sissel Tolaas. 

Liverpool Biennial, PO Box 1200, 55 Jordan Street, Liverpool L69 1XB UK
T +44 (0)151 709 7444