Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chatsworth House

Pictures from the Chatsworth House trip 2012.

 With huge admiration and intently focused on a British costume drama television series Downton Abbey , there's always interest in a day trip to one of the beautiful historical homes scattered around the countryside of England and our trip to Chatsworth proved to be a delight.


youtube [not my] - for more info about this amazing place!


A lovely - charming spot, a beautiful house and gardens, an awe-inspiring collection of old and modern art, helpful, often funny and always smiling staff, a wonderful trip.

The weather was sunny for most of the day but the clouds partially obscured the sunshine towards the end of our visit.
I will always recommend to people who want to come to the United Kingdom to go to Chatsworth House; you won't be disappointed.

The rooms, artwork and treasures on display have to be seen to be believed!

 There are plenty of old art pieces to admire but also are mix old with modern art. 
After our tour of the house we enjoyed a stroll  around the magnificent gardens.  There are statues, a hot house, fountains, a maze, water features, lakes, trees and plants galore.===================================================

The Chatsworth Home itself is the hub of some 35,000 acres of agriculture and estate, including several local villages, driving home to me just how influential this family has been through the ages


Chatworth literally took my breath away it was so beautiful! I love the surrounding area as well with all the cute little pubs and homes all with that same blue color painted on the doors and shutters. It's perfectly charming!




Anthony Caro sculptures are on display at Chatsworth House
Anthony Caro - .....was  too modernist sculptor in a fairytale-ish Chatsworth world.
Ugly....- imho


 Half Dollar Butterfly Chair, by artist Johnny Swing

artist Johnny Swing
Half Dollar Butterfly Chair, 2009:

 Coin furniture - the Butterfly chair, reveals an exposed substructure and is made of 1,500 half dollar coins and 7,000 welds. 46"wide x 32"deep x 34" high and weighs 58 lbs.

Half Dollar Butterfly Chair, 2009:


Chatsworth fountain coins raise £7,000 for charity

Coins retrieved from the fountain at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire have raised around £7,000 for charity. The coins, were collected after the fountain became clogged with money.


 The Walking Madonna seen here was the artist Elisabeth Frink’s only female figure. All her other sculptures are of men and when confronted with a commission for a woman Frink involuntarily sculpted her own face. The work could be construed as a metaphor for the artist’s life.

 Elisabeth Frink also created her monumental final piece Risen Christ, for Liverpool Cathedral.